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To thrive in today's busy marketplace, businesses of all sizes must consider their visual brand. A visual brand communicates one's unique identity, values, services and personality. If designed properly, it creates an emotional connection between the brand, customers, employees and stakeholders.

JJS Design's approach to graphic design begins with industry research, communication and collaboration to fully understand your brand and get to the root of your design goal. Once the goal is established, JJS Design will create multiple design concepts and will gather your feedback to ensure satisfaction with the design direction. The selected concept is then finalized and files are provided to you. This process applies to everything from logo design, marketing materials and advertisements to website and email design.

A business' visual brand solar system

A visual brand includes a logo, unique fonts, custom colors and stylized graphics.The center of the visual brand solar system is a logo which communicates the brand story and strengthens the business' presence and profits. The quality and effectiveness of a logo depends on its craftsmanship, uniqueness and memorability.

Collateral/marketing materials such as brochures, sell sheets, flyers, etc. provide the opportunity to further expand the brand story. This is achieved by consistently incorporating the visual brand.

Often times, and especially in the digital age, the primary way potential customers learn about a business is online. A website is a critical component of one's visual brand and must reflect the overall brand strategy. The website, coupled with branded email campaigns serve as constant reminders of the visual brand.

Whether your are in need of a new or revamped logo, collateral, a website or email campaigns, JJS Design will apply this approach to ensure a successful visual brand.

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