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WillyPoint Kids - Logo
WillyPoint Kids - Logo
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WillyPoint Kids is a members-only online resource for parents in the Williamsburg and Greenpoint neighborhoods of Brooklyn, New York. The website features a directory of kid-centric service providers (including doctors, nannies, piano teachers, preschools, etc), parental discussion forums and an exchange to sell kid's toys, clothing, equipment, etc. Members also receive access to exclusive discounts at local stores and with service providers.

The challenge presented to JJS Design was to create a visual identity that appeals to the sophisticated, hipster Brooklyn crowd while also incorporating playful elements. Locality was also an important feature of the logo.

In an effort to incorporate these requests, JJS Design featured water towers - an embraced symbol of Brooklyn - as the foundation for the logo. Paying homage to childhood toys, such as basic building blocks, the simple geometry of perfect circles, squares and triangles were used to create the characters. To add an element of fun, the mouths and bow were placed slightly askew to juxtapose against the perfect geometry of the forms. The typeface (Italia) was selected for its fine balance of sophistication and playfulness.

The iconic logo provides opportunities to develop a line of toys and other fun collateral/chachkies to promote WillyPoint Kids for years to come.


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