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Firepump Sales & Services - Logo
Firepump Sales & Services - Website
Header -  Firepump Sales & Services. Inc.

Firepump Sales & Services, Inc. sells, installs and maintains industrial-grade fire pumps throughout the state of Colorado.

JJS Design was selected to design FS&S's first logo. The universal diamond-shaped sign for hazardous materials "sparked" the inspiration for this logo. The three lines in the center serve two purposes - they are stylized FS&S letters and also represent the water flowing down from the sprinklers.

In an effort to infuse a little humor into a serious subject, the business cards and website are singed, as if once on fire, but the important information was saved thanks to the effective fire pumps and sprinkler system.

Firepump Sales & Services - Business Card Front
Firepump Sales & Services - Business Card Back

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